Make a list

Your smartphone is always with you, so your weekly grocery shopping is simplified. It's so easy, and you'll love being so organized. Get the iGrabit App on your smartphone iPhone, Android and others.

Scan and add to list

Use iGrabit to scan product unique UPC your house, at the store, anywhere. So cool! Create a "pantry" list of what you have and a "shopping list" of what you need. Now you have convenient access to your preferred grocery list right on your smartphone and your computer. You can also create and save custom shopping lists for special occasions like birthday or holidays.

Manage list & Pantry

No more: "Do we have peanut butter?" Now, you'll always know what you have. When you're out, add an item to your shopping list with a click. And you can share any list with others, including actual pictures of items, so your spouse knows exactly what to get. With iGrabit, you'll always have the exact product variations your family likes best...pasta sauce,shampoo, coffee, more..


See product detail on any product right on your phone... compare ingredients, nutritional value, price, etc. No more squinting at labels. Scan through thousands of products to select the ones that are right for you. Get coupons on iGrabit, or add coupons yourself by scanning them into iGrabit. Saving is so easy that you may become a "coupon ninja."

Make a list

Select a store

Choose a store from participating iGrabit stores in your neighborhood.iGrabit provides a list and map of participating stores near you. Send your list as an electronic order to the store right from your smartphone or computer. You'll be notified when your order is ready for pickup.

Shop from your phone

Grocery shopping is easier than ever at participating iGrabit stores. Check prices for your select products at different neighborhood stores. Find the best deals. Send in your list, along with electronic coupons for savings, and you get an alert from the store when it is ready for pickup. Think of the time savings! The convenience on busy days! Also, some participating stores may offer online payment and door-to-door delivery, making your life even easier.

Offline stores available

Even if you want to shop at stores that are not yet iGrabit participating stores, you still can enjoy all the conveniences, cost and time savings of managing your list electronically. You'll wonder how you ever did without iGrabit: easy product scans, current shopping lists, full product detail, sharing lists with others in your household, and more.

More store coming

As iGrabit grows in popularity and use, more and more stores will participate - because they want your business and know that you appreciate the benefits. This is the future! Ask your favorite neighborhood store to sign up with iGrabit so you can begin to enjoy the benefits.

Select a store

Pick up groceries

When you send in your order, your iGrabit participating grocery store will pull your order and have it ready for you to pick up. Just pay the bill and you're off! Say "Adios" to all the time and effort that you used to spend on grocery shopping.

Pickup directly

Grocery shopping with an iGrabit participating store is a very rewarding experience. The conveniences are many. You can send in your order while you are at work and pickup the order on your way home. That's a time savings all your family will appreciate. Managing your list, sharing it with others, comparing prices the time and cost savings just keep coming week after week after week.

Manage Pantry

Your iGrabit "pantry" on your smartphone is key to your shopping convenience. You'll always know what you have on your shelves. Planning a meal is easier than ever. When you shop through a participating store, your pantry status will automatically be updated with items that you just purchased. Even if you use iGrabit for the organizational benefits and shop at a store that does not participate, you can easily manually move items to your iGrabit pantry after you go shopping.

Track Product usage

Product levels can be edited, so you know how much of an item you have left in your pantry. This is great with items like rice, sugar, bread and milk. You can also enter product expiration dates, and/or set your own resupply dates for automated reminders! You can also comment about particular products with friends via social websites like Facebook, Twitter and others. Find a good product or a good buy? Share it with your friends on your social network.

Pick up groceries


More and more, your customers and prospects want the benefits of iGrabit: organized and efficient shopping via their mobile device, easier home management, and most of all-great time savings. Become an iGrabit Partner Store and give your customers what they want. For a limited time, there are no costs involved. Your store will be able to satisfy customers, gain more business and enjoy an important competitive edge over other neighborhood stores.

Partnering Is Easy

And free, for a limited time. Just provide your store information, get approved, and you'll soon be receiving online orders. You also get great insight into your local neighborhood and customers from iGrabit's customer data. You'll know where they live, what they want, how often they want it, and more.

Your Tech-Savvy Edge

iGrabit extends your services to the rapidly growing number of tech-savvy customers ... with a proven, successful smartphone app that they like. You don't have to invest in any technology or added overhead.

On-The-Go Customers Will Love It!

You'll be the high-tech, cool shopping site in your neighborhood! As a partner, your store will be featured on the iGrabit website and app. Any online customer searching in your area will see your store and what you have to offer. Busy customers can electronically search your real-time inventory, compare product details and prices, and submit their orders. As soon as you mark orders ready for pick up, your customers will get the notice electronically and will drop by to pick up.

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Set Up Stores & Inventory

With iGrabit's easy-to-use, sophisticated software, listing your store locations and inventory is easy. Customers love the iGrabit system's electronic coupon advantages. With these powerful competitive advantages, you can be "David" to the larger, established "Goliath" chain stores...

Your Inventory Online

Setting up your inventory on iGrabit is as simple as scanning UPCs. Enter and update your stock, prices and other details electronically. You can easily manage your store information, locations, hours of operation, and more. You can flag items as out of stock and indicate expected availability..

Take On The "Big Boxes"

iGrabit provides you with many significant benefits and conveniences that your competition does not have. Customers seek and greatly appreciate the added convenience and technology advantages you now provide. You'll have a strong weapon to use as you compete with the larger, "Big Box" chain stores in your neighborhood.

Coupon strategy benefits

iGrabit customers love the system's electronic coupon advantages. Customers enjoy the convenience and savings of redeeming coupons by scanning coupon codes on their mobile devices. They can add new coupons into the iGrabit system and take advantage of coupons already in the system.
What a great opportunity to connect with coupon-user customers and strengthen your relationships!

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Start Taking Orders

With iGrabit, you'll be taking additional orders from busy shoppers who want to simplify their day by sending in their shopping orders from their phone or computer. You will always have good, useful detail on how much business you are transacting via this popular new electronic shopping service.

Take Orders Electronically

Your customers will be delighted send you their orders over their smartphone or computer, even by fax, text or email. Your store can also receive messages from customers on orders, and interact with your customers in real-time.

Dashboard Summary

You can customize your iGrabit "dashboard" to provide summary data on what is being purchased: how many orders per time period, what items, dollar volumes and more. You can monitor neighborhood trends, best selling products, coupon usage, where your customers live, and more. Think of the marketing opportunities this gives you!

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Overwhelming research makes it clear that people appreciate and are attracted to their smartphone-driven apps and advantages. As an iGrabit partner all these competitive advantages are yours. Most importantly, your store will be providing great customer satisfaction with shopping conveniences and benefits that people want. The savings that customers can achieve with electronic coupons alone is a great advantage for you

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